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  Cacao Sampaka y sus bombones de inspiración Cacao Sampaka y sus bombones de inspiración japonesaJaponismoA los japoneses les encantan los bombones de Cacao Sampaka, como ya vimos en el último dorama de Matsumoto Jun Shitsuren Chocolatier, de hecho, en el que se utilizaban bombones de Cacao Sampaka (tuiteamos una imagen de ello :D). Y ahora ...
Posted on 22 April 2014 | 11:00 am
  The Use of Intraoperative Navigation for MedscapeThe Use of Intraoperative Navigation for Complex Upper Cervical Spine Surgery ...MedscapeImaging guidance using intraoperative CT (O-arm surgical imaging system) combined with a navigation system has been shown to increase accuracy in the placement of spinal instrumentation. The authors describe 4 complex upper cervical spine cases in ...
Posted on 20 April 2014 | 9:16 pm
  Out of Obscurity: Heat 31, CFFC 34 and Out of Obscurity: Heat 31, CFFC 34 and ShootoMMA CornerIt will just have to come on the scorecards this time around. Other key bouts: Fumitoshi Ishikawa (8-2) vs. Jun Kito (11-10-5), Tetsuya Yamada (11-3-2) vs. Koshi Matsumoto (10-5-1), Alan Yoshihiro Yamaniwa (8-3-3) vs. Kazuma Sone (13-9), Satoru ...
Posted on 17 April 2014 | 7:05 am
  Niyama bags US ballet contest - The Japan Niyama bags US ballet contestThe Japan TimesNiyama, a 17-year-old high school student in Matsumoto, Nagano Prefecture, drew attention after winning the top prize in the 2014 Prix de Lausanne, a prestigious international competition for young ballet dancers, in February. “I think he was under ...Young dancers win top intl contest prizesThe Japan Newsall 3 news articles »
Posted on 11 April 2014 | 5:29 am
  10大日本顶级男神排行榜大PK(组图)新浪网 (博客)松本润(Matsumoto Jun)有着他自己的一份独特韵味。或冷峻或媚惑的神情,再搭配上修长纤细的身材,他迅速地占领了80年代后的少女心。松本润是日本男艺人里出了名的会保养的,而且他做得相当彻底,他身体的每个角落都是 ...
Posted on 9 April 2014 | 7:22 pm


Matsumoto Jun
  Ueto Aya and Matsumoto Jun Sporting theIn Japan on May 23rd it is the "Day of the kiss" and for that occasion, ORICON STYLE released its result on the ranking of the most beautiful lips chosen by men. Ueto Aya, who had been in the second spot for the past two times has made it to the top for ...
Posted on 17 April 2014 | 10:00 am
  Clarinetist Thomas Piercy to Bring TOKYO TOThe concerts include three world premieres by Japanese composers Mika Tanaka, Masatora Goya and Kento Iwasaki, and twelve US premieres by Japanese composers Yoshihiko Banno, Ippei Inoue, Mieko Ishii, Kazushi Iwaoka, Yohei Kurihara, Yuichi Matsumoto ...
Posted on 29 April 2013 | 10:03 am
  The IdolmakerWithout him, Japan wouldn't have produced some of its most famous male idols like Kimura Takuya, Matsumoto Jun and Arashi through his Johnny & Associates. And now, even the Guinness World Records has officially acknowledged Kitagawa, or "Johnny-san" as he ...
Posted on 22 September 2011 | 10:00 am
  スマイル Smile japanese drama opinion ofabout the smile drama * Alternative Title: スマイル * Film Date: April, 2009 * Japan Casts: Aragaki Yui, Koike Eiko, Matsumoto Jun, Nakai Kiichi, Tokuyama Hidenori * Description: Hayakawa Bito has a Filipino father and a Japanese mother, but he was ...
Posted on 26 June 2009 | 10:00 am
  The Manga Origins of “Boys BeforeBut in contradistinction to Taiwan and Korea, the lead roles in Japan were given to established pop stars. Matsumoto Jun, member of famous boy-band Arasi, was cast in the role of Sukasa, thus building up a female teenage fan base and resulting in ...
Posted on 3 February 2009 | 1:27 pm